How To Get Some Pocket Money By Selling Your Arduino Project Codes

How It Works?
  • If you are working on Arduino project or had completed one or more projects, there is a good chance that you can sell your project to some other users. This is a chance for you to generate some income for your hard work. There is a high possibility that some other users who plan to start on a new Arduino project can use your project as a baseline. They can cut considerable time googling for answers on the internet. User will pay for it because they can kick start their project fast and probably completed their project in less time. Our website will sell your project codes and all the hardware needed to run the codes. We take small commission on the sales amount. It is a win-win proposal.
What Do I Need To Do?
  • All you need to do is to make sure your Arduino codes is tested and work without problem. If support is needed after purchase, the user will get in touch with you. In summary, you need to prepare the following items,
    • A complete list of hardware needed for the project with specific details of each hardware
    • A tested Arduino codes plus all additional libraries needed to run the codes
    • A simple wiring diagram of how all the hardware are connected
    • A simple write up about the project
  • Our store will purchase all the necessary hardwares needed for your project and sell them as a package on our website. When user purchase the project package, they will get all the hardware and the Arduino codes. The project package will contain the hardware and the codes. You will get paid for the Arduino codes and we will get some profit by the selling the hardware. We will charge small amount for processing and handling fees.
How Do I Get Paid?
  • Once customer purchase is completed, we will transfer the money to your designated account within 3-5 working days. If customer needs help, they will reach for you as the support person.
Are There Any Other Things That I Need To Know?
  • This program is just recently introduced to help Arduino lovers generate some pocket money for their projects. In some way, it will help Arduino new comers to kick start their project fast as they have a baseline codes to work with. It is time to get paid for your googling efforts and countless sleepless hours to get the project completed.
  • We also offer another freelance opportunity for you to get paid while offering your Arduino skills to our customer. If there is a customer who is looking for custom Arduino project and requires some help, they can get in touch with you and you will get paid for helping them completed the project. Isn’t that awesome!
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